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PlayerEarning ($)
1Philipp Gruissem4,646,123
2Niklas Heinecker4,546,619
3Igor Kurganov3,362,109
4Tobias Reinkemeier3,231,706
5Sylvain Loosli2,885,832
6Max Altergott2,554,876

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Last updated on 2018-07-14.


Rankinghero.com: the new poker social hub!

The poker business world is very active and filled with new ideas which are ready to blossom. A good example of this fact is the imminent launch of a new website, RankingHero.com. Its concept is very easy to grasp: every player deserves to be a poker hero. Its ambassadors, Pedro Canali, Nicolas Levi and Lucille Cailly, are some of the top names in contemporary tournament poker, and thanks to investors such as entrepreneur Bruno Vanryb, not to mention its IT team, RankingHero might well become the new social media tool that poker was expecting for years: a tool which will be soon at the core of the international poker community….

How did RankingHero come into being?

Bruno Vanryb: It all comes from poker pro Pedro Canali, whom I met at the poker table during tournaments. I am a recreational player and one of my good friends, Jacques Zaicik (note: friend and mentor of ElkY) advised me to take some poker coaching to enhance my level of play, and Pedro was the right guy; he coached me quite successfully. We became good friends and I loved his project at once. I myself come from the IT industry, having founded Avanquest Software, one of the world biggest software companies in the 1990s. And with ambassadors such as Nicolas Levi, Pedro Canali and Lucille Cailly, we have the best people to represent RankingHero — players who are known for their seriousness and integrity. Moreover, Bruno Fitoussi also got involved as one of our mentors!

Pedro Canali: I had this idea two years ago and its concept has evolved a lot thanks to all the people I have met since. Bruno Vanryb brought his own personal business views, while Nicolas’s brilliant ideas enhanced RankingHero and made it interesting worldwide. We are a very united team and constantly want to create new ways to promote poker.

Nicolas Levi: Pedro and I are very active in making partnerships with casinos, poker rooms and poker clubs. We are really serious about our role as RankingHero’s ambassadors. I realized a long time ago that poker would become my full-time job: first, as a player — but not for all my life. It is a true passion for me, and I love competition. I wanted to be part of the poker industry and help enhance it. RankingHero is an incredible opportunity, as I am lucky to know about both the professional and amateur side of poker. Also as a family man now, I want to play fewer tournaments, and travel less while remaining very active in the poker industry. This new product has great potential, and I do think it will help make the poker world a better place for everyone in the gambling industry, from players to organizers.

What does RankingHero currently offer its members?

Nicolas Levi: When I first joined RankingHero, I wanted badly to solve some problems that had no solution in the industry. For example, there is no specific social hub for everyone in poker. With RankingHero, we created a platform with dedicated poker tools which will bring people closer all over the world.

Pedro Canali: I built a team which worked night and day to gather worldwide databases, which is very unique for such a site. Having business “angels” such as Bruno Vanryb allows us to work in the best possible conditions and to develop a very good database for the launch of our website, RankingHero.com. We prioritized gathering casino databases and securing numerous collaborations. We are open to any collaboration with casinos and poker rooms all over the world: do not hesitate to contact us so that we can all work together. We are very pro-active with our partners and always delighted to build new business relationships.

Bruno Vanryb: Right now, our beta version is already online, and the final version of the product will be ready to be launched by the end of the year. We have created a unique database, which is the core of the social network aspect of RankingHero. I really want to emphasize that our database was created from the scratch, directly with the help of poker rooms or via partnerships with tournament softwares, poker fans, or cross referencing public data on the internet. The result is unique, and we always provide links to external sources for results. We have years of results and rankings and our beta version is already the equivalent of the biggest poker databases which have been online for years, thanks to our very talented IT team.

Who can we find in RankingHero’s database?

Bruno Vanryb: The world is now living the Big Data era, and it was important to us to open our database to all the players. RankingHero was created by players, for players, with players. The overall idea is that there is no reason why low-stakes players cannot become famous and enjoy their own moment under the sun. We wanted to create something different from the classic rankings, where only the Top 100 are celebrated. Everyone already provides players with it. Amateurs, local players, small poker-room heroes need to be acknowledged online, to show that their local celebrity is based on achievements. In the final version of the website, there will be national and local rankings and even ranking within friends community! Our motto is: Think global, act local. And local poker-rooms will also be able to make local offers to their players, with special leaderboards, etc. It is a very unique tool which connects any player to any poker organizer.

Pedro Canali: Journalists, dealers, small stakes players… are often forgotten in poker’s ecosystem. These persons are central to poker and we have to take care of them. Thanks to our knowledge and our experience, we will be able to connect everyone.

Nicolas Levi: This is a brand new and modern database, with a very unique vision, an intuitive site, and information created by the users, like distinctions: positive keywords that you can give or receive from your friends.

Ranking Hero also creates new links between all the various poker personalities…

Nicolas Levi: RankingHero will have reached its goal when it becomes part of the daily life of players, casino hosts, card room owners, dealers, online rooms, etc.

Lucille Cailly: Ranking Hero is a unique and incredible toolbox which connects everyone in the poker world. We know pro and amateur players, because we live with them. For years now, I have been in the pro and amateur poker world, and all players — low-stakes or high-stakes — are important.

Bruno Vanryb: The size of the database is important, but the core of RankingHero is the fact that it is a social hub. It will be an active database: players, dealers, journalists, etc, will have access to their profile and be able to make it their own personal poker page. Profiles will thus evolve and be edited, with notes added to players, etc. This is the network of the poker family worldwide. We create interaction between all the poker personalities, with brand new tools.

Lucille Cailly: I just cannot wait to use my RankingHero page daily! It is a great honor to represent it, as I think it will only bring positive and good things to poker industry.

Nicolas Levi: For me, Facebook means “share with your friends;” Twitter is “Spread your thoughts;” LinkedIn, “Accomplish your professional goals.” For us, RankingHero is “Show who you are in the poker world” no matter which stakes or where you play. Anyone can be proud of his poker achievements, even if he just won a pizza with his friends! We are the first poker social hub.


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